Françoise KAPP


Contact me

Françoise Kapp will have the pleasure of meeting you, during a first free meeting, in order to learn about your situation or project and to propose you the solutions adapted to your needs.

My skills

Setting up dashboards

Helping managers to situate themselves through their objectives throughout the year.

Financing support

Give the project developer every opportunity to make his projects a reality.

Internal control

The importance of this subject is often underestimated by managers, especially those of family companies that have undergone great evolution and continue to be managed as they were at the beginning.

My job

Public accounting is a very polyvalent profession and the proximity with the company manager has always attracted me. We are coaches when the company needs to position itself in relation to its objectives, doctors when the situation requires a financial diagnosis, but also the legal structure of the company and safeguards when everything is going well to guarantee the best future for the company.

Why Prisme Expertises?
For several reasons! First of all, the challenge! When Cedric and Franck told me about the opportunity to join them, I wanted to take up the challenge. Besides, I don't like being passive and I need to integrate decision-making, be active! Prisme Expertises' philosophy is in total harmony with what I believe: in our business, we must be Proxim to our clients, Reactive, Integrated, Secure, Help our clients to Control their companies and be Effective to best meet their needs.