Prisme ExpertisesYour chartered accountant in Strasbourg

Prisme Expertises is a company registered with the professional register of the Ordre des Experts-Comptables d’Alsace, whose offices are located in the heart of Neudorf.


Franck GRAILLE and Françoise KAPP, entrepreneurs at heart and partners of Prisme Expertises, join forces to offer you alternative support in the pursuit of your business project. Their unique human experiences coupled with their professional skills allow them to provide an informed insight into your business.

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Why work with Prisme Expertises?

SupportBecause advice and management are essential for your success...

Prisme Expertises sells offers including all the tools necessary to control and manage a company. Beyond the administrative obligations (accounting, tax, social, legal, etc.), chartered accountants are involved in the design of tailor-made support.

Personal follow-upBecause business leaders deserve special attention...

… they benefit from a chartered accountant as a single point of contact throughout the professional relationship. Prisme Expertises offers an optimal quality of service within a human-sized structure.

DigitalBecause a connected and shared approach is preferred...

… through dedicated IT tools, the dematerialization of work processes offers a productivity gain, as well as permanent and secure access to your data. This modern approach to the profession of accountant also allows Prisme Expertises to be part of an environmentally friendly approach by preferring digital to paper.

Our values...

Beyond the respect of the proper application of legislation, Prisme Expertises is constantly committed to your success on simple and essential values.


Being a strategic partner means above all being close to business leaders. Whether geographical or relational, proximity is at the heart of the firm’s concerns, to support you at all stages of your professional life.


Being responsive means offering all the necessary availability, to enable business leaders to meet the requirements of their professional market.


Being able to rely on your accountant and believe in your ability to meet your commitments is essential and is the cement of any relationship of trust.


Whether it is on accounting, tax, social or legal aspects, the firm’s work is all aimed at providing you with optimal security at all times.


Because it is necessary to master in order to manage, the firm’s business expertise makes it possible to understand all the specificities of your activities, in order to provide you with the most informed advice.


Prisme Expertises’ know-how having been optimised through standardisation, the accountants provide you with a high quality of service within an appropriate time frame.

Discover our expertises

Liberal profession

The chartered accountant, an asset for the liberal professional

Being a chartered accountant is first and foremost a business leader in a regulated liberal profession.

Our experience as chartered accountants has enabled us to design a complete solution to help you grow in your profession without worrying about administration.

Civil real estate company

The management of a civil real estate company

A real estate civil partnership is a partnership agreement by which several partners decide to pool one or more real estate assets.

We offer you a tailor-made solution in terms of accounting, taxation and legal matters to assist you in the administrative management of your property.


Our professional expertise at the service of innovation

A young innovative company, committed to significant and rapid growth, the start-up needs specialized support.

Our connected approach, as a chartered accountant and single point of contact, offers you a working environment in perfect harmony with your values of innovation and evolution.

Business creation

Business creation, a new adventure

To successfully complete your creation, Prisme Expertises accompanies and advises you in this professional adventure.
Deciding to create a company is one thing, but implementation is another, which is why we offer you an adapted and effective methodology throughout your career.

Craftsman and trademan

More than just an outsourcing of your accounting

For most business leaders, the traditional subcontracting of your administrative obligations is insufficient to ensure efficient and sustainable management of your activity.

Prisme Expertises offers you multidisciplinary support that meets your legal requirements while giving you access to the tools and indicators necessary to manage your entity.

Personal taxation

The professionalism of a chartered accountant for your personal taxation

Over the years, income or wealth tax returns have become more and more complex, raising many questions.

Whether you are a company manager or a private individual, Prisme Expertises provides you with a complete and secure offer allowing you to outsource the implementation and control of your personal taxation.

Acquisition and takeover of a company

Acquisition and takeover of companies: alternatives to creation

Our accountants put their experience at your disposal to offer you the support adapted to the realization of your project. The application of our professional approach allows us to meet all your needs, while ensuring optimal accounting, tax, social and legal security at each step of the process.

Assistance in company law matters

Company law throughout your professional career

Whether you operate as a sole proprietorship, a company or as a self-employed person, your activity requires specific legal support.

In addition to accounting, tax, social and management missions, Prisme Expertises supports you from the creation to the termination of your activity, including daily legal follow-up.

Social assistance

Your social obligations in complete serenity

Whether it is your first job or your company already has a large number of employees, we act as accountants by your side to carry out all your formalities in social matters.

Prisme Expertises supports you from the hiring of your employees to the possible termination of the employment contract, including permanent social monitoring.