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Our professional expertise at the service of innovation

A young innovative company, committed to significant and rapid growth, the start-up develops its offer through research and development activities, market research or research into first commercial opportunities. The objective of these companies is to demonstrate as quickly as possible the relevance, as well as the economic and financial viability of their business plan. Whatever the sector of activity, the entrepreneur needs specialized support to imagine new technologies or new services likely to generate new needs or markets.

Because your start-up requires a need for reactivity, inherent in its project, much higher than a traditional company, Prisme Expertises goes beyond your administrative obligations (accounting, tax, social, legal…) by offering you tailor-made support. Our connected approach, as a chartered accountant and single point of contact, offers you a working environment in perfect harmony with your values of innovation and evolution.

Thanks to our experience in the field of taxation of innovative companies, we are committed to providing you with permanent support to inform you about all the measures such as: young innovative companies (JEI), research tax credit (CIR) or any other social and tax exemptions applicable to your entity.
In the event that your project is in the reflection phase, we also offer you complete assistance in the creation of a company that is the subject of a specific offer.

Our "Start-up" offer includes:

Services related to legal obligations:

Services related to advice and management:

Services related to the organization of the company:

  • Keeping your accounts,
  • Review of your entire accounting system,
  • Preparation of your periodic returns (VAT, company car tax, etc.),
  • Preparation of your annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement and legal annexes),
  • Preparation of your tax return (depending on the case n°2031, n°2065...),
  • Delivery of the certificate or mission report,
  • Electronic transmission of all your declarations,
  • Transmission of your accounting records file,
  • Maintaining the fixed asset register,
  • Completion of your annual legal formalities for the approval of the financial statements.
  • Diagnosis of eligibility for the scheme for young innovative companies (JEI),
  • Diagnosis of eligibility for the research tax credit (CIR) scheme,
  • Search for all tax and social savings,
  • Reflection on the need to use external financing solutions,
  • Summary meeting to present the financial statements to members of the management,
  • Assistance to the auditors,
  • Completion and transmission of a complete provisional file on an annual basis,
  • Implementation of tailor-made management tools and/or dashboards,
  • Analysis of your sector ratios and your company's activity,
  • Assistance in the management of the social obligations of the self-employed,
  • Transmission of related elements for your income tax return,
  • Assistance in tax audit matters.
  • Unlimited hotline,
  • Unlimited access to our online software,
  • Chartered accountant as a single point of contact throughout the professional relationship,
  • Archiving and digital storage of all accounting documents during the legal periods,
  • Unlimited access to our online database for a consultation of your accounting documents,
  • Periodic intervention by a chartered accountant within your professional premises.