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The chartered accountant, an asset for the liberal professional

Being a chartered accountant is first and foremost a business leader in a regulated liberal profession. Our experience as chartered accountants has enabled us to design a complete solution to help you grow in your profession without worrying about administration.

Whether your activity is regulated or not, the liberal regime is characterized by many accounting and tax peculiarities. A liberal professional is not legally required to use a chartered accountant, but we strongly advise you to do so. For most business leaders, this means entrusting them with the keeping of their accounts and the preparation of their tax returns. This traditional subcontracting of your administrative obligations is insufficient to ensure efficient and sustainable management of your activity.

Prisme Expertises offers you multidisciplinary support that meets your legal requirements and, above all, your professional concerns, such as the management of your social security contributions, the management of your cash flow, the assessment of your personal tax situation and assistance in investment matters.

Our "Liberal Profession" offer includes:

Services related to legal obligations:

Services related to advice and management:

Services related to the organization of the company:

  • Keeping your accounts,
  • Review of your entire accounting system,
  • Preparation of your journal book,
  • Creation and follow-up of your fixed assets and depreciation register,
  • Preparation of your annual accounts (Balance sheet and income statement),
  • Preparation of your tax return n°2035 and its annexes,
  • Preparation of your periodic returns (value added tax...),
  • Electronic transmission of all your declarations,
  • Transmission of your accounting records file.
  • Synthesis meeting to present the important points of your activity,
  • Management of the relationship with your social security funds as a liberal professional,
  • Checking your social security calls and correcting any errors made by the social security funds,
  • Establishment of a forecast of social security contributions over 2 years,
  • Completion of your social declarations of self-employed persons at your cash registers,
  • Carrying out a study for your investments,
  • Preparation of your management file for the approved management association,
  • Relationship with your approved management association,
  • Preparation of your items to be reported for income tax purposes,
  • Search for all tax and social savings,
  • Assistance in tax audit matters.
  • Unlimited hotline,
  • Unlimited access to our online software,
  • Chartered accountant as a single point of contact throughout the professional relationship,
  • Archiving and digital storage of all accounting documents during the legal periods,
  • Unlimited access to our online database for a consultation of your accounting documents,
  • Periodic intervention by a chartered accountant within your professional premises.