Assistance in company law matters

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Company law throughout your professional career

Whether you operate as a sole proprietorship, a company or as a self-employed person, your activity requires specific legal support. Whatever the specificities of your profession, we act as accountants by your side to carry out all your formalities in this field.

In order to assist you in the administration of your activity, we are here to facilitate and secure the key moments of your company. In addition to accounting, tax, social and management missions, Prisme Expertises supports you from the creation to the termination of your activity, including daily legal follow-up.

Creation of your entity

Sole proprietorship, liberal activity, commercial or civil society…

Administration of your company

Approval of the annual accounts, distribution of dividends, continuation of operations despite net assets falling below half of the share capital, reconstitution of shareholders’ equity, abandonment of shareholders’ current accounts, etc.

Changes during the life of the project

Corporate purpose, trade name, company name, brand, registered office, manager, share capital, closing date of the financial year….

Specific legal operations

Transformation of a company, opening or closing of a secondary establishment, transfer of shares, contribution of securities….

Termination of your activity

Dormancy, amicable liquidation, cessation of a liberal activity or a sole proprietorship…

Our "Legal Assistance" offer includes:

  • Unlimited hotline,
  • Working meeting,
  • Collect the necessary information,
  • Writing reports,
  • Drafting of the minutes of the general meeting or the decision of the sole shareholder,
  • Drafting of legal acts,
  • Realization of Cerfa declarations,
  • Preparation of the file for the business formalities centre,
  • Submission of the file to the Business Formalities Centre,
  • Registration and advertising formalities,
  • Follow-up of formalities,
  • Production of a legal brochure of the operation,
  • Provision of an electronic copy of the formalities.