Personal taxation

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The professionalism of a chartered accountant for your personal taxation

Whether you are a company manager or a private individual, Prisme Expertises provides you with a complete and secure offer allowing you to outsource the implementation and control of your personal taxation.

Over the years, income or wealth tax returns have become more and more complex, raising many questions. If your income is from multiple sources, of an exceptional nature or if your assets are large, the completion of your tax returns can quickly become a source of error.

Only an experienced accountant is able to assist you in the preparation and optimization of your tax returns. Indeed, we remind you that in addition to the various deductions, reductions or tax credits in force, there are no less than eight categories of income with all their specificities.

As taxation is one of the most fluctuating matters in France, it is essential to keep a permanent regulatory watch to ensure that your knowledge is up to date with the latest finance laws or other legislative provisions. In accordance with our professional standards, as chartered accountants, we conduct this tax watch on your behalf.

Drawing on our experience in personal taxation, we are committed to providing you with ongoing support to inform you about all existing tax deductions, reductions or credits. With a view to a tax opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us during the year to find out about a possible implementation.

Our "Personal Taxation" offer includes:

  • Unlimited hotline,
  • Carrying out a regulatory watch in tax matters,
  • Collection of elements and information,
  • Completion of all your tax returns (declarations n°2042, n°2044...),
  • Search for any tax optimization,
  • Submission of a complete file on your personal taxation,
  • Electronic transmission of all your declarations to the administration.